Artificial Philosophy

Artificial Philosophy is a one-man electronic music act by Diur Mulapu.

Latest Single –The Place We All Go
Latest Album – Welcome to the Degenerate DimensionNow Available on YouTube Music and all major music stores.
Latest Video – Bolded Italics
“The Night Drive Home”

Background Info

The music is instrumental with primary influences from New Wave, Retrowave, and Video Game soundtracks. That said, I listen to a wide variety of genres, so who really knows what my inspirations are?

Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension is the soundtrack for Coordinated Universal Time Travel . A book with a soundtrack may be an odd idea, but you’re not meant to listen to it while you read. I aim to create cohesive media projects and I’d like to express as much of my vision as possible. Every time I write a song, I’m thinking about a specific scene or character in the story.

Listen for Free

The easiest way to listen to everything I’ve ever released is my Full Songs Playlist on YouTube.

What’s Next

If you’re curious about what I have planned for the year, please read my “100 Subscriber Milestone” Blog Post.

I’ll be releasing an album in 2023-Q4 with 8-10 new songs.


Blog Posts

  • New Single – Statue Delirium

    The latest single, Statue Delirium, from my upcoming album has just released. As usual, it’s on all major streaming sites and the album art video is live on YouTube. Statue Delirium sits in the settles into the same vein as Another Undone Consequence, though it’s about the awe of colossal destruction. The song’s inherent cacophony…

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  • Update on 2023 Goals – #1 – Website Overhaul

    I’ve been making behind the scenes improvements to Not all of them are done, but I’m trying to make good on some of the promises in my 2023 goals post. Website Performance My old web hosting was absolutely terrible, so I went ahead and switched with 6 months left on the contract. I’ve also…

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