Coordinated Universal Time Travel

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Love, Life, Death, and Lotto Tickets. A man tries to solve a woman’s murder while stuck in a time-loop during a high school friend’s wedding reception.

Available now on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Coordinated Universal Time Travel (CUTT) is a Character-Centric Time Travel novel with a strong blend of Murder Mystery, Urban Fantasy, and Romantic Suspense.

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After hitting it off with a mysterious girl at a high school friend’s wedding reception, Oscar finds himself stuck in a time-loop, dying each night and reviving during dinner. He must now use this newfound power to hunt down the girl’s killer while chasing Love, Profit, and everything in between.

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Coordinated Universal Time Travel is a complete story with a decided beginning, middle, and end.

At its heart, CUTT is a character drama that uses Time Travel to explore themes and topics such as Staying True to One’s Self, Balancing Greed vs Self-Sacrifice, Confronting Harsh Realities, and Making Up for Past Mistakes. The characters are flawed adults, capable of great and terrible things.

Where Can I Buy CUTT?

Currently, Coordinated Universal Time Travel (CUTT) can be purchased on Amazon Kindle and is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Will CUTT Be Released in Print?

Likely by the end of 2023-Q3. Early reviews will be monitored for any typos that got through proofreading. As a consequence of having a cohesive ending, CUTT is a long story. Length complicates print formatting and pricing, so I will make sure everything is as refined as possible before moving forward with the print release.

Once everything is finalized, CUTT will be released widely in Paperback and Hardback.

Will CUTT Be Released outside of Amazon?

Likely in 2024-Q1. I’ll have firmer details on this by the end of 2023.


Violence, Sex, Language, and Obscure References. Recommended Ages 17+.

On one hand, Coordinated Universal Time Travel (CUTT) is a character drama about twenty-something adults; on the other, it has heavy Murder Mystery and Romance elements. CUTT is a full-range story with joy, pain, triumph, suffering, laughter, love, and hatred.

“How come sobering thoughts always make you want to drink more?”



While there’s explicit violence in the story, it’s not written to be “cool” violence. The camera doesn’t turn away, but the tone is decidedly not about “ludicrous gibs”.


CUTT has a strong romantic element, even though you won’t find it listed in the “Romance” category. The main characters are 20-something adults and act accordingly. There are sexual ideas and actions within the story, but everything revolves around characterization and not titillation.


Of the most common curse words, there are roughly 216 occurrences throughout the story. Above all, cursing is matter of character voice. There are some foul-mouthed characters in this story and as the story intensifies, the pressure does get to the cleaner members of the cast.


If you look closely at the title page, Coordinated Universal Time Travel has a subtitle: Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension. This subtitle is also the name of CUTT’s soundtrack.

I release songs with the stage name: Artificial Philosophy. Every song on the soundtrack relates to a specific part of CUTT. If you read closely, you might even be able to find some references to the music in the text.