Diur Mulapu

Diur Mulapu is the creative mind behind nonDiurnal Productions.

My goal is to consistently write quality stories with complex plots and characters. I’m not chasing anything else; I’m here to entertain.

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Latest Work

Coordinated Universal Time Travel (CUTT), a Character-Centric Time-Travel story with elements of Romantic Suspense and Murder Mystery. The novel is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle and free for subscribers on Kindle Unlimited.


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When Will My Next Book Come Out?

I will release one book in 2024 (soon to be revealed) and another in 2025, Cylinder Rock.

Ideally, I’ll stick to a one-book-per-year release schedule, but I’ll check back on this promise in 2026.

Where Will I Release My Stories?

Due to market pressure, I’ll release most novels on Kindle Unlimited first, then pivot to a wide release strategy as it’s viable.

CUTT has released on both Paperback and Kindle. In 2024, CUTT will leave Kindle Unlimited and go wide on all popular eBook stores.

Keep in mind, this schedule may change depending on the realities of business. I’m at the starting line, so things will evolve quickly.

How Do I Describe My Stories?

Honestly, I’m less interested in genres and more interested in storytelling for its sake alone. I start with a premise, usually from a dream (CUTT, Cylinder Rock). Then I establish characters, and push each one as logically as I can. I want to use as little authorial force as possible. This leads to characters that act more fluidly than you’d expect for the types of stories I write.

African Fantasy

I’m planning to release the first book in an African Epic Fantasy series later in 2024. It’s a tale with brave heroes, diabolical villains, and mundane people just trying to live a decent life. Expect more details by Memorial Day.

The next novel, likely for 2025, will be Cylinder Rock, a standalone with a Dark African Fantasy setting. This will likely be the darkest story of mine for some time. The darkness comes from the cruelty of the world these characters inhabit. I’ve written a solid chunk of the first draft, but I still have a lot of ground to cover.

Both of these are different kinds of stories, one more grounded in reality, the other unbounded by anything other than my crazy imagination.

Constrained Epics

I see every story as an epic; there’s so much beyond what makes it into any given book. And even as I begin to work on my first series, I aim for every book to have strong beginning, middle, and end. While I’ve written a massive book, but I’m also targeting some releases with lower word counts. My vision is to the full story in my mind, even at the risk of being less commercially viable.

That’s not to say that everything I write will be huge, but strongly lean towards making each story thematically complete.

Science Fiction Contemporary Fantasy

Science Fiction is such a broad label that it almost means nothing in practice. Since I have to list something, CUTT is a Science Fiction novel. Although it’s a time travel novel, it’s about the characters and plot, not the science. I’m not out to teach you anything about Quantum Mechanics, though I do admit to being a fan of PBS Space Time.

To be even more precise, CUTT straddles the line between Science Fiction and Contemporary Fantasy. I’m somewhat hesitant to promote it as Contemporary Fantasy, given that the genre typically means Fairies, Werewolves, and Vampires. There’s a fantastical undercurrent to the story that becomes clear fairly early on.

Spectacle Romance

If I had to invent another genre label for CUTT and Cylinder Rock, I’d call it Spectacle Romance. You could also say I’m writing “Romantic Suspense”, but I’d rather make a Street Fighter reference.

These stories revolve around Romantic Relationships, yet they don’t cleanly fit into the “Romance” genre. CUTT uses Time Travel to explore the Romantic past, present, and future of a twenty-something man. The Romance isn’t a subplot; it’s closely related to the Murder Mystery and is a key factor in character development.

That said, the romantic element isn’t written for fans of the traditional Romance genre, which tends more towards wish fulfillment or escape fantasies (not that there’s anything wrong with either). Couples aren’t guaranteed to get or stay together. Characters have both beautiful and ugly sides to them. I’m interested in romance for the complexities it creates within characters and the tension it introduces to the plot.