I’ve Been Quiet for a While (A Few Plans for 2024)

I haven’t posted anything to my blog in months, but I’ve been working beneath the surface and behind the scenes. I’m still working on new music and new stories. I’m still promoting CUTT, but as I approach its one-year anniversary, I’ll draft up a postmortem. I’ve learned a lot by just getting the book finished and a lot more by reading my reviews (good and bad).

2024 is going to be a big year, even if it’s off to a quiet start. Here’s a tiny peek at what I’m up to.

The Next Novel

My next novel is going to be the start of an African Fantasy series. While it won’t be historical, I’m doing a lot of research to help bring some details to life.

I’m a few weeks out from a major milestone; once I reach that point, I’ll reveal the name of both the series and the first novel. I’m really excited about the characters and the world I’m putting together.


I have slowed down my pace on new music, but I am still finishing out songs for my second album. I have four songs that will likely fit on the album; all are well beyond the simple idea stage, but I need to keep polishing them until they’re good enough for release.

I’m sitting on some good footage and I’m looking for the next good fit for a Music Video. Until then, please hold tight, I will release new music this year.


Speaking of video, I’m going to start actively uploading videos to my YouTube account for nonDiurnal Productions. I want to build a community around all of my releases and even add in my analysis of other media. As a hint to an upcoming video, I’m drafting up a review for Chained Echoes, an Indie RPG that I really enjoyed.

I’m not planning on becoming a massive game reviewer or lifestyle video blogger, but there are a lot of things I want to celebrate and ideas I want to share. YouTube is honestly the only social media I personally use, so I’d like to start there.