100 Subscribers – Artificial Philosophy and Diur Mulapu in 2023

I’m really excited about this.

Thanks to everyone who’s listened to music, no matter what the platform. Artificial Philosophy’s YouTube Channel reached the 100-subscriber milestone earlier this week and hit 133 total subscribers.

There’s something innately amazing about going from having a bunch of files and song ideas on your computer to seeing people around the world listening. I’m always happy to hear from listeners and I try to respond to everyone. There are so many songs in the backlog and ideas still taking form, but I wanted to let you give you a glimpse into what’s coming next.

Barring injury, illness, or catastrophe I should do all these tasks this year. My goal is to focus on the input (new songs, videos, and books) and count the output as it comes.

Top Priorities for 2023


Wave Motion is the first song that will be a part of the second album. As of right now, I’m hoping for another 7 songs. One of those songs is nearly finished, hoping for a release in the next month or two.

You can probably find the name if you dig around my blog, but I’ll share it formally once it’s finalized.

Novel – Coordinated Universal Time Travel

A novel isn’t what you’d typically expect out of an upstart musician, but I’m just chasing my dreams. I’m nearly finished with my first novel Coordinated Universal Time Travel (CUTT). If you live in the US, you can read the first 10 chapters for free on Kindle Vella. If you’re unsure, check out the prologue excerpt on this blog.

My first album, Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension, is the soundtrack for the book. Each song is tied to a scene in the book, some of them are obvious, others aren’t. I intend to create as cohesive entertainment as I can, so if you want to get in my headspace, listen to the songs and read the novel when it releases.

Cover Songs

I’m working out the details for licensing and deciding on which songs to cover. This could quite literally be anything from Classical to Video Game Soundtrack to 80s Pop to Alt. Rock to … Ahh, I have a really wide range of favorites (perhaps everyone who grew up with Napster/Spotify does) and I want to make that visible. I’m never good about figuring out what exact genre of music I make, so it’s easier to show you what I like.

Additionally, covers are a good way to learn more about music. Every little detail I learn should help improve whatever comes next.

Other Items for 2023

Improve Website Hosting and Functionality

The Website Performance numbers I see on the backend aren’t great. I know that has to annoy some of you. I’ll try another webhost once my current contract expires. I’m not out to do anything amazing on the web; I have a soft spot for simple 90s websites. I do want to see what I can do to put together simple pages for each album or major release. This is a low priority, as I’d rather have another album finished first, but it’s definitely on my mind.

Music Videos

I’ve done tons of Image Manipulation and a good chunk of 2D art, but I’m a newcomer to video editing. Don’t expect any insane production value just yet. However, I do want to be substantially better at video production by the year’s end. I have two upcoming videos in the pipeline for Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension: one for Bolded Italics and one for Just Let Me Ignore It.

Wrapping Up

My earnest hope is to keep making entertainment that you can enjoy and get all these ideas out of my head.

If you want to support my projects, read my book on Kindle Vella, stream my music, and share my creations with anyone who’ll listen.

Once again, thanks for reading, listening, and enjoying the my work. I hope to improve on all fronts and make more amazing releases this year.