New Single – Another Undone Consequence

I’ve officially released a new single, Another Undone Consequence. It’s now available on all major streaming sites and the album art video has been posted on YouTube. Another Undone Consequence is sinister with a touch of childlike glee. It’s the theme song for a desperately evil man who hasn’t realized that he’s the villain yet.

As a side note, I’m officially creating both square and widescreen album art from here on out. I’ll have square versions for the stores, but YouTube thumbnails just feel better with full resolution.

As for what’s next, I’m working on a video for Just Let Me Ignore It. It’s been massively delayed as I had better footage for Bolded Italics on hand. Additionally, I’m aiming to release another single in early March. The title for that one is “Statue Delirium”. For the full year, I’m going to release at least ten songs, but I’m aiming for a solid dozen.

Artificial Philosophy – Another Undone Consequence

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