Music Video – Bolded Italics

The Night Drive Home (Bolded Italics)

This morning, I published the second music video for Artificial Philosophy on YouTube. Bolded Italics is the sixth track off my debut album Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension. Once again, it’s part of the soundtrack for my upcoming book Coordinated Universal Time Travel.

Of all the songs originally uploaded, I thought this one wasn’t getting as much attention as I thought it deserved. Turns out, I needed to make a few mastering tweaks as the original was too quiet. I didn’t blow anything out, but the song really comes alive now.

I really enjoyed shooting and editing this video. I’m learning more and more about DaVinci Resolve with every release. This is one of the two promised videos mentioned in my 100 subscriber post.

I’m looking into a new process for releasing singles to pair with video releases. For now, this will just get a music video, but I’m considering a new single release on Spotify/Apple/etc. later this month.

Hope you enjoy it.