Update on 2023 Goals – #1 – Website Overhaul

I’ve been making behind the scenes improvements to nondiurnal.com. Not all of them are done, but I’m trying to make good on some of the promises in my 2023 goals post.

Website Performance

My old web hosting was absolutely terrible, so I went ahead and switched with 6 months left on the contract. I’ve also done a complete overhaul behind the scenes. Still looking at ways to improve landing page performance on mobile, but if I can’t pull that off, I’ll do another overhaul. That said, performance is drastically better than what I had before and there are still some quiet improvements to be made.

Music Releases

I’m about to release another song “Statue Delirium”. It’s about an inevitable catastrophe. Should be out Late February or Early March. After that, I’ll finish the video for Just Let Me Ignore It, because I’ve been dragging my feet on that for a while.