New Single – Statue Delirium

The latest single, Statue Delirium, from my upcoming album has just released. As usual, it’s on all major streaming sites and the album art video is live on YouTube.

Statue Delirium sits in the settles into the same vein as Another Undone Consequence, though it’s about the awe of colossal destruction. The song’s inherent cacophony made it difficult to balance, but I had a good time bringing this one to life.

I went through multiple renditions of the album art before settling on the final version. Sometimes good artwork is a mirage, you think you’re getting close to something until it just fizzles away. There’s some visual continuity with the last single as they are on the same album, but the artwork for Statue Delirium still has its own character.

For the first time, this single includes a demo for an upcoming song, “Isolated Orange“. That might not be the next song to release, but in all likelihood it will be on this year’s album. Once finished, I’ll do YouTube breakdown comparing the demo version to the final version. I’ll discuss the biggest Music Theory, Sound Design, Arrangement, and Mixing choices I make along the way to finishing the song.

Beyond that, I do have a slightly out-of-left-field song slated for release in May.