• I’ve Been Quiet for a While (A Few Plans for 2024)

    I haven’t posted anything to my blog in months, but I’ve been working beneath the surface and behind the scenes. I’m still working on new music and new stories. I’m still promoting CUTT, but as I approach its one-year anniversary, I’ll draft up a postmortem. I’ve learned a lot by just getting the book finished…

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  • 100 Subscribers – Artificial Philosophy and Diur Mulapu in 2023

    100 Subscribers – Artificial Philosophy and Diur Mulapu in 2023

    Thanks to everyone who’s listened to music, no matter what the platform. Artificial Philosophy’s YouTube Channel reached the 100-subscriber milestone earlier this week and hit 133 total subscribers. There’s something innately amazing about going from having a bunch of files and song ideas on your computer to seeing people around the world listening. I’m always…

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  • Coordinated Universal Time Travel – Full Novel – 2023 Release Plans

    After completing serialization on Kindle Vella in November 2022, the full novel for Coordinated Universal Time Travel (CUTT) will release on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited in all available markets during 2023 Q1. Differences Between the Novel and Its Serialization Serialization on Vella covers about 70% of the full novel’s content. The Novel edition will…

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  • New Single – Wave Motion

    New Single – Wave Motion

    I just released a new single Wave Motion, available now on YouTube. This one is downtempo, meant to be a soundtrack piece for a nighttime desert oasis. It’s been submitted for wide release and should be live on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services during the first week of December.

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  • Coordinated Universal Time Travel – Kindle Vella Serialization Completed

    With the publication of Episode 62: Beyond Time, Coordinated Universal Time Travel (CUTT) has finished serialization on Kindle Vella. This covers roughly 70% of the story and the remainder will be finished in the novelization.

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  • Music Video – Island in the Morning

    Music Video – Island in the Morning

    I just uploaded the first music video for Artificial Philosophy. It’s for “Island in the Morning”, the fourth track off my debut album “Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension”. “Island in the Morning” is about a wistful moment that you just don’t want to let go of. There’s a chapter in CUTT titled after it. “Island…

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  • Why Kindle Vella Isn’t Popular

    An Amazon service with “Kindle” in the name doesn’t work on all Kindles. I’ve been serializing my first novel, Coordinated Universal Time Travel, on Kindle Vella since July 2022. Vella is a useful way to help files on my hard drive evolve from ideas to real stories. Earning my first few readers and dollars was…

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  • Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension (CUTT Soundtrack) – New Album Release

    Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension (CUTT Soundtrack) – New Album Release

    Today, I’m releasing Artificial Philosophy’s first album, Welcome to the Degenerate Dimension. This features eight songs, four new tracks and four from EP-1 A Mouthful of Her Lies. It’s available for streaming/purchase on Bandcamp and all major music stores. The album’s product code is ALBUM-1. Hopefully, the first of many.

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  • CUTT – Prologue Excerpt

    CUTT – Prologue Excerpt

    The following is an excerpt from my debut novel, Coordinated Universal Time Travel (CUTT). CUTT is a Romantic Suspense Time Travel Murder Mystery. If you’re looking for a new read from a unique storytelling voice, this book might be for you.

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